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Manufacturer of plastic parts - Injection moulding of plastics .

Spuitgieten van kunststoffen 
IIP beschikt over 17 spuitgietmachines met een sluitkracht van 25 ton tot en met 320 ton. 
Onze machines zijn eveneens voorzien van SEPRO robots - dit zorgt ervoor dat onze machines onbemand kunnen produceren.

Wij hebben ruime ervaring met diverse soorten kunstoffen zoals: PP, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PA , PC, PMMA,...

Not only can you rely on us for injection molding of your products using your own molds, but at IIP, we also boast a diverse range of our own products. We have more than 100 standard products. 

Jan Van Wynendaele • CEO of IIP

Standard products 

Screw caps 

We produce screw caps suitable for various applications. Our caps are available in versions with and without a tamper-evident tear-off ring, making them versatile for different products.

Corner Protectors 

Specially designed for the safe packaging of fragile items such as mirrors and tabletops. These corner protectors offer additional protection during transport and storage, significantly reducing the risk of damage.

Jars for Cosmetics

Our cosmetic jars blend functionality with aesthetics. Perfect for a wide range of cosmetic products, they are crafted with precision to ensure quality and durability.